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Furnace Tune Ups and Inspection


We service all major furnace brands and models

Annual furnace tune ups and inspections will prevent costly repairs, as well it is proven that will help you reduce your  energy bills by UP to 12 %  each winter.

Our Annual Tune Up and Inspections includes all  the manufacture recomendations and

YES! we remove the  blower motor wheel

Our Tune Up is 90 minutes !!

Your Furnace will look like it is NEW!

Save up to 12% Energy Bills

How a Furnace Works by Repair Clinic

Tips to Keep your Furnace 

  1. Check your Filter Monthly
  2. Check you CO Monitor monthly during the heating season.
  3. Check for noise furnace
  4. Check for a blue flame
  5. Check the Venting Pipes for cracks or movement
  6. Annual Maintenance and Tune Up