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Our technicians can repair just about anything that may go wrong with your heating system, but should they? 


Sometimes it is not worth fixing, but when?


How do you know when it's time to consider getting a new furnace?


When Does It Save Money To Replace It?

                       "Warning Signs" of a failing furnace.

How Can I Save The Most Money Today?


Will Comfort Improve?



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Free Consultation


See you SOON !

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In Alberta, if you have a 60% AFUE furnace you will be saving up to 37% in your energy bill during winter according with the Energy Calculator.



Repair  or  Replace ?

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Financing Available

Calgary Home Comfort will provide you with the best Furnace option that will give you Comfort.

We offer the top brands in the industry and in Calgary. 

New High Efficient Furnaces as low as $49.00 per month

Our Installations includes:

  • Gas Permit
  • High Efficient Furnace of your Choice
  • 2 Pipe System for  exhaust and intake
  • 5 Inch Media Filter  (where is possible)
  • Basic Programable Thermostat
  • CO2 Monitor



Furnace or AC must be a least 13 years old or installed before 2005

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